What’s the story behind Aspis?


The '“Aspis” was the shield used by the Greek soldiers in various periods of Ancient Greece. An aspis was deeply dished and made primarily of wood.

Some had a thin sheet of bronze on the outer face, the most famous Aspis decoration is that of Sparta or more specific: Λ.

Much like the Hoplites in ancient Greece, we like to make sure our belongings are fully protected and look good at the same time.

As our phone and laptop are crucial parts of our lives these days, having not only a visually pleasing cover, but one that will protect it as well, is what we at Aspis strive to achieve.


What’s your favourite style?

Is this real natural stone?


YES! We use different kinds of slate stone from all over the world. Everything’s brought to our social workplaces in Belgium where everything is made by hand. Because these are raw pieces of stone, the structures always vary. Every case & cover is unique in it’s own ways.

Don’t expect the cover to be 100% identical to what you see on the pictures!